Here is the easiest way to add text on Instagram Reels

1. Open the Instagram app and click on the plus icon at the top

Screenshot with the arrow highlighting the + icon on the Instagram app
Screenshot with the arrow highlighting the reel button on the Instagram app

2. Select the reel you want to post

Selecting the reel to post on Instagram

3. Click on the Preview button at the bottom

Preview of reels on Instagram app

4. Now click on the Add button at the top

Preview of reels on the Instagram app highlighting the add button on the top

5. Now click on the “Aa” button at the top.

Preview of reels on the Instagram app, highlighting the Aa button at the top.

6. Now add the text you want to add

After that, a blinking cursor will appear where you can put in your text, edit the size, change color, indentation, font background, and put animated effects.

Adding text to reels in instagram app

For adding multiple texts, you need to click again on the “Aa” icon again and add it. It will keep your previous text settings saved, so you can relax!

For setting the time for a specific block, click on the block at the bottom for which you want to edit and set the time for which you want it to appear.

Highlighting the time for a specific block to show text on reels

Some Pro Tips:

1. Avoid putting text on the top, it will get covered by the Username.

2. Also avoid putting text on the bottom as it will be covered by a caption.

For adding lyrics to the song there are effects available like 3-D Lyrics and Dynamic Lyrics, but we found them not robust enough, with lacking in libraries.

While Instagram Reels, the editor is very powerful and will suffice the need of most of the users, for users who want to take their reel game to the next level, we suggest you learn and edit using 3rd party editors.

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