Anonymous chatbots on Telegram where you can talk to strangers, exchange stuff, make friends, and have a fun time, you know what I mean.😉😼

Here is the List of all the stranger chatbots on Telegram

Random Chats Bot

It is one of the most efficient and fast stranger chatbots on Telegram and operates on an Italian server. It has the most number of users, majorly from India, Indonesia along with different parts of the world. This offers you a gender filter to choose the gender you gender prefer by inviting 3 new users using your personal invite link.

Try it out: @RandomChatssbot

Random Chats Bot messages on Telegram
Random Chats Bot

The new variant has been released recently. But it has a lesser number of users: @Randochatsbot

There’s a chat room for this bot. Join it and interact with people there: @RandomChatsEnglish

Anonymous Chatbot

This is one of the first stranger chatbots on telegram. It works on an Indonesian server, so obviously, most of the users are Indo. The average age of users is between 16 and 20 years. Though it’s fast, it may be annoying due to frequent advertisements (mostly VC ads.). The gender filter is a paid feature here. Plans vary from $1.99 for 1 week to $19.99 for 1 year.

Anonymous Chatbot messages on Telegram
Anonymous Chatbot

Link of the bot: @chatbot

Group chat: @ChatbotSupportGroup

Paradise Chat Bot

This chatbot started in the first lockdown year of 2020, built by a guy from Kerala, India. It is ad-free and blocks most offensive words. Well attempted to make it a women-friendly bot and prevent NFSW content to its best. You can use the gender filter by sending your personal referral link to 7 new users, but using the gender filter makes it slow.

Paradise Chat Bot messages on Telegram
Paradise Chat Bot

Try it here: @ParadiseChatbot

The group from this bot is way too supportive and interactive. Link: @CommunityEnglis

Link to its confession group: @Paradise_Confessions

Chat Incognito Bot

This Italian bot has a diverse user base. You can find users here from different countries. Advertisements are so frequent and irritating. You can use the gender filter by inviting 3 new users using your invite link.

Chat Incognito Bot messages on Telegram
Chat Incognito Bot

Link of the bot: @ChatIncognitoBot

The group of the bot is mainly for giving updates about the bot. Here’s the link: @ChatbotSupportGroup

Swalf bot

This is an Arabic bot. So you can find many users in our Middle East and Arab. The features and functions of this bot are not so user-friendly and may look hard to use. It has no featured group.

Swalf bot messages on Telegram
Swalf bot

Link of the bot: @SwalfOffical_bot

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